Baron Fig’s New Squire Mysterium

I still use Baron Fig’s Squire Pen and Pen Stand every day I’m in the office. Since the release of the Squire Click, I carry that around in my pocket much of the time, too, housed in its pen sheath.

Now there is yet another new pen in Baron Fig’s Squire line, this one the limited edition Mysterium. I took it to the café.




(That’s the lovely blue Confidant in the background.)

At 0.85 ounces, the Mysterium is heavier than the Click (0.7 ounces), but the same as the regular Squire rollerball pen. What I said of the Squire Spectre is also true of the Mysterium:

The pen… feels slightly heavy after long periods of writing, but that’s nothing a little shake of the wrist won’t fix. For the daily note-taking and task-list-making I do, the weight feels just right.

It’s really sharp-looking.





The ink flow of the rollerball pen is smooth, as expected.



Here’s a writing sample on the Nomad sticky note.



Here is the Mysterium in the pen sheath.



And, finally, here Playmobil Martin Luther ponders upgrading his quill.



At $60, the Mysterium is currently $5 more expensive than its regular Squire counterpart. Check out the Squire Mysterium here, which also includes a link to an accompanying short story. And if you shop at Baron Fig (for anything) through this affiliate link, you get $10 off a purchase of $20 or more.



Thanks to Baron Fig for sending the pen so we could review it! This did not influence the objectivity of this review.




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