2018 in (Analogue) Style: Baron Fig’s Squire Pen and Pen Stand

It’s a new year, and if you’re anything like me, you’ve vowed that this will be the year of less screen time.

(I’ve actually made some changes here that are already sticking. More on that later.)

Posting your dinner on Instagram is out. Taking a picture of your handwriting and posting that on Insta is in. Or, better yet, just write stuff down for yourself. 🙂

But seriously… I’ve been using a limited edition Squire pen by Baron Fig, and really enjoying it. It’s called the Spectre. While this particular edition is sold out, the Squire itself is available here, and will give you the same experience as what I describe here.

Here is the sleek Squire Spectre, getting ready to fill up some leather-covered pocket notebooks:



Here it is with its Pen Stand (sold separately), which makes me feel like a distinguished executive every time I use it.




The pen itself is smooth and weighted perfectly. The pen is just under an ounce and feels slightly heavy after long periods of writing, but that’s nothing a little shake of the wrist won’t fix. For the daily note-taking and task-list-making I do, the weight feels just right.

Another shot of the pen getting ready to spring into action:




And here’s a close-up of the Spectre, right next to an upside-down pen stand:




What about the ink, you ask? Very smooth flow. Here’s what it looks like on a piece of 100 gsm Baron Fig notebook paper:




The size is just right: “shorter than the average pen, longer than the average pocket pen,” as Baron Fig says. I carry it in my pocket (in a sweet pen case from Popov Leather), but it is worthy of being my primary desk pen, too.

Baron Fig has turned out yet another series of hits with its pen line-up. Check out the Squire here, and the Pen Stand here.



Thanks to Baron Fig for sending the Squire Spectre and the Pen Stand so I could review them! This did not influence the objectivity of my review.


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