Review of Baron Fig’s Wayfarer Duffle Bag

It would appear as though Baron Fig is weathering the pandemic. They continue to release excellent products, one of which is a year old this week: their own duffle bag, the Wayfarer.

They were kind to send me a bag to review. I gave it to my teenager to use and put through its paces. Here is his review, in his words:

This bag is very useful for bringing medium-sized luggage around with you, perfect for shorter trips where you wouldn’t need to bring a whole lot of belongings with you. It’s a little more flexible than other handbags. It will sag if there isn’t anything in it. It may look a little unattractive, but it’s very useful when you need to fold it up in a small space.

It is a very handsome bag, simple yet stylish. It has two small handles, and one back strap, so you can hold it in different ways. The bag has one large storage area, where you would put your main load, and a small pouch on one side, perfect for a credit card, spare change and what-not. I often carry clothes in it, but it can really be used for anything. I recommend this bag if you need to bring anything with you for a day trip to the city or something. It’s very nice, and I haven’t found any problems yet.

Here are some photos:



Check it out here. AND… if you shop at Baron Fig (for anything!) through this affiliate link, you get $10 off a purchase of $20 or more, which would apply to this backpack.



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