It’s Blue! Galen Leather’s A5 Notebook and iPad Mini Leather Cover

Some time ago I introduced readers of this site to Galen Leather, whom I learned about when they reached out to me. They are a Turkey-based company with a moving story. Their products are gorgeous and affordable. And they consistently boast five-star reviews on their product pages.

In fall 2017 I reviewed their lush Crazy Horse Leather MacBook Sleeve, which my wife has since commandeered, but I’m okay with that. Here I review another stellar product: Galen Leather’s A5 Notebook and iPad Mini Leather Cover.

This particular cover is made with Rhodia notebooks in mind (like this one), but other A5s would surely fit.

Galen has some awesome design and packaging, before you even open the box.


The Box


Now, behold:





Outside Front


Inside Left 1


I filled it up right quick, though could have added much more:


Inside Left 2


Check out the stitching!




And here’s another close-up:




This is where the notebook slides in, a snug and secure fit:


Inside Back


As with the laptop leather sleeve, this notebook cover looks, smells, and feels great. I remain impressed at the quality of this thing, especially for its (reasonable for a product like this) $65 price.

Some specs: it is 6.7 x 9.1 inches (17 x 23 cm) and made of 100% veg tanned leather, locally sourced. It’s hand stitched, so could last several generations. There are probably dozens of ways you can use this notebook cover, but here’s how Galen envisions it:

Save yourself the hassle of digging around your bag by keeping your valuables safe and secure in one place. Our Handmade Leather Rhodia A5 Notebook and iPad Mini Cover is the perfect way to store your everyday essentials for work, study or personal use. It has 3 main pockets; one main phone pocket and two card holders. On the left side you can store a small notebook, passport or mobile phone. Underneath with side is a slot to store your iPad device. An elastic band holds the notebook in place inside on the right side and wraps around the left side of the cover to keep the case securely closed.

If I have any complaint (and this is minor), it’s that the leather is a little stiff and the notebook cover a little heavy, but that breaks in with wear. The stiffness of the leather also serves to protect whatever is in between the cover.

Head over to Galen Leather’s online shop to take a gander at what they’ve got. They’ve also compiled some Everyday Carry products here. Here is the product page for the above cover.














Many thanks to the kind duo at Galen Leather for sending the sample, without expectation as to the content of this review.





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