Galen Leather’s Beautiful Crazy Horse Leather MacBook Sleeve

Galen Leather is a Turkey-based company with an amazing story. They recently reached out to us at Words on the Goods and sent along two products for review. In this post, I offer an illustrated review of Galen Leather’s gorgeous Crazy Horse Leather MacBook Sleeve. The sleeve I’m reviewing includes the optional back pocket and carrying handle.

I knew before opening the leather sleeve that it was going to be good. Check out the cool design on the packaging:



And there was this sweet insert:



Now, the sleeve:



It looks and smells and feels amazing. The sizing is just right. The laptop fits in securely. It’s not so snug that it’s hard to get in and out, but neither is it so loose that you worry about it falling out. The leather seems to provide just enough padding to protect the computer, although I wasn’t about to do a “drop test”! Since this case doesn’t have a shoulder strap, you’ll be putting it into another backpack or bag anyway, where it will be plenty secure.

The stitching is some of the straightest I’ve ever seen. I thought for sure it was machine-stitched, but the product page confirms it’s done by hand. Take a look:



Exceptional quality.

With the computer in the case, you just fold the top into the leather closure loop, and you’re ready to go.



The leather is locally sourced, vegetable tanned leather. The edges are crisp and burnished, so they look great. And the (optional) back pocket means you’ve got plenty of room to throw in your charging cord and any other miscellaneous items you want to take to the coffee shop.

The optional handle (at the bottom of the case) makes for easy carrying:



It’s an outstanding product, through and through. After more than a month of use I’ve yet to find any flaw.

Head over to Galen Leather’s online shop. They’ve also compiled some Everyday Carry products here. The MacBook sleeve (available in a few different sizes) is here.




Many thanks to the kind duo at Galen Leather for sending the sample, without expectation as to the content of this review.





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