Baron Fig’s New Squire Click Pen

I use Baron Fig’s Squire Pen and Pen Stand every day I’m in the office. Baron Fig has just recently released a click version of the Squire, called (as you might have guessed) Squire Click.

Here it is:


1 Squire Click


It’s simple, works well, and is the classiest click pen I’ve used.

I took it to Vermont. It snowed in April.


2a_Pen in Focus


2b_Pen in Focus


Here are those snowy mountains in focus. Did I mention it was April?


3_Snow in Focus


But enough about the weather.


4_Pen on Table


It feels and writes like the other non-click Squire. The Click is nice and light at 0.7 ounces. The above color is “Fig Wine.” It’s also available in charcoal.


5_Pen with Notebook


The rollerball pen (clarification: see here) is smooth, although there is the occasional ghosting with this pen that I noticed with the Squire Spectre, even on Baron Fig’s own paper.

I expected the click to be a little more click-y, i.e., louder. However, it turns out this just means I can click it in meetings all I want to without anyone getting annoyed! This turned out to be a plus.

So now I’ve got a second go-to pen for the office, one that travels with me, too. $45 for a non-fountain pen may still feel steep, but this one looks like it’ll serve its users for a long time if you do decide to make the investment.

Check out the Squire Click here. Not only that, if you shop at Baron Fig (for anything) through this affiliate link, you get $10 off a purchase of $20 or more.



Thanks to Baron Fig for sending the pen so we could review it! This did not influence the objectivity of this review.




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