Two Awesome New Items from Baron Fig- Color Confidant and Mastermind Mini Desk Pad


It’s no secret that Words on the Goods has found in Baron Fig a one-stop shop for all writing and stationery needs.

The New York-based company continues to come out with new and creative products on a regular basis.

Two recent releases are among my all-time favorites so far: the Confidant (their very first product) in color, and the Mastermind Mini desk pad.

Each is worthy of its own review, but I’ve been using them in tandem, so I cover both here.

I don’t do unboxing videos, but both the color Confidant and the Mastermind Mini are fun to open up:



The Mastermind Mini is half the size of its larger counterpart. It’s perfect for jotting down daily notes and drafts and then tearing off a sheet when you’re done with it or want to file it away.



The Mastermind Mini is 6 by 8 inches, just a little smaller (shorter by 1/4 inch) than Rhodia’s similar Dot Pad:



The Mini is larger than the 5.4 x 7.7 Flagship Confidant pages, as you can see here:



Each Mastermind Mini purchase (it’s a mere $9) comes with two pads of 35 sheets each. It’s available with the Dot Grid design, which Baron Fig gets right every time. My only complaint about it is that the Dot Grid design is only on one side of the page, but maybe this satisfies those who would also make use of a totally blank page.

The Mastermind Mini is perfect for the coffee shop or breakfast nook. I sketch out in the Mastermind what I want to go in my Confidant, and even use the thick front or thick back of the Mastermind pad as a straight edge to help me with straight lines. Behold:




I left the coffee ship that morning with this in the back of my Confidant, having sketched it out first in the tear-off sheets of the Mastermind:




I’ve got the Blue Slate Confidant, which is the prettiest notebook I think I own now. This is an obscure reference, granted, but the color is the closest I’ve seen to the Aland Synopsis of the Four Gospels, one of my favorite print books of all time.

The binding is sewn…



… although there still appears to be some glue or something else added to the binding that shows in a not-ideal way:



If you’re coming from Moleskine, this thick, fountain-pen-friendly paper is in a league of its own:



And, by buying a Confidant, you’ll be planning a tree!



More specs on the back cover:



You can find the the Confidant in color here, and the Mastermind Mini desk pad here.

ALSO… you can save $10 off your order (of $20 or more) by using the coupon code at this affiliate link.



Thanks to Baron Fig for sending the notebooks so we could review them! This did not influence the objectivity of this review.



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