“Running Is Fun; Your Gear Should Be, Too”: Goodr Sunglasses, Reviewed

I thought I was one of just a small handful of people who have discovered Goodr’s $25 running sunglasses. Then I showed up for running club track night and saw at least half a dozen other runners wearing Goodr.

Goodr makes—by far—the most comfortable, functional, and affordable pair of sunglasses I’ve ever tried.

I ordered my first pair through the Runkeeper Store: Runkeeper Blue. There is a tiny Runkeeper logo on one of the lenses. I’ve had these for more than a year, and have probably gone for 200 runs in them. No signs of wear whatsoever.



I don’t know how Goodr does it, but these glasses just do not slip or bounce, no matter how sweaty I am, no matter how hot it is, no matter how long I run. And they don’t feel heavy, either.

Recently Goodr was kind to send me a couple pairs to write up for review.

First, there is the style called Rabbit Egg Hunt with Zombie Jesus. (Is it an overly charitable or wishful-thinking-influenced read of the title to see a faith-filled allusion to the resurrection?) They look awesome:



They’re like the Runkeeper Blue, only the frames are translucent. Goodr offers polarized (glare-reducing) lenses (“because you deserve the best”), UV400 protection, and the hip shades only weigh 22 grams.

I regret to inform you that the style is currently sold out, but the product page gives you a place to sign up to be notified when they’re back in stock.

In the meantime, Goodr has loads of other styles, like this one and this one, two of my favorites. See all their styles here.

Goodr also sent me a pair from their new line for big heads. The regular size fits on my large cranium just fine, but these are good too, Bigfoot’s Fernet Sweats:





The “BFG” line is wider, longer, bigger, “for all you runners with gargantuan craniums the size of Sputnik.” I do have a large head, as previously mentioned, but the regular size is still fine. These larger ones ($10 more, so $35) felt HUGE when I first put them on, but they work great, too. They’ve also got gradient lenses!

Head on over to Goodr and check out all they have to offer. I highly recommend these glasses for runners (and non-runners). I wear them daily.





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