Review: Jisoncase iPad Leather Cover

For the past couple months I’ve been using the Real Leather Smart Cover from Jisconcase. Here I review it.

First things first: it’s beautiful. Never has an iPad looked classier.



The leather is all one piece and looks, feels, and smells good. At 8.9 ounces the case is really light and has a slim profile. It adds very little bulk to the iPad, even when holding it for reading or watching video for long periods of time.

There are two positions in which to put the iPad for reading, typing, and viewing:




The magnetized cover allows for automatic wake/sleep functionality when you open or close it.

One downside to this case, which surprised me: when I open the case to read on the iPad, and put the cover behind the screen, it doesn’t magnetize.



Jisoncase tells me this is by design, but every other magnetic case from other companies I’ve used closes fully, with the cover magnetizing flush to the back of the case for easy hand-held reading. As it is, the case hangs off, you have to use two hands, or you can make it into a triangle and hold that.

The cut-outs are precise and don’t block anything. Everything on my iPad Air 2 is still accessible:





One thing Jisoncase has really gotten right here is how snug the iPad is in the case. It’s really easy to get in and out when you want to, without worrying you’re going to break the iPad (I’ve had this concern with other cases!), but it’s also perfectly snug and protective.

The lack of closure in the way I’m used to (see above) means this probably could not be the last iPad case I ever need, but neither have I taken it off since putting it on two months ago. All in all, the Real Leather Smart Cover from Jisoncase is worth the price and appears to be designed to last.

Find out more at Jisoncase. You can find the cover here at their site and here at Amazon (affiliate link).



Thanks to the good folks at Jisoncase for the free product sample so I could review it, sent without any expectations as to the content of this review.



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