Baron Fig’s 2017 Planner

The buzz around the release of Baron Fig’s new Archer pencil could make it easy to overlook another excellent new product: the Baron Fig 2017 Planner. They’re touting it as a “Special Edition Confidant,” based on the brand’s tried and true portable notebook.

The 2017 Planner looks awesome, starting with the packaging and its deep charcoal color.






In addition to the year calendar insert pictured above, there are two pages per month:



Then the heart of the planner is a two-page week format:



It’s all really smart-looking. The 100 gsm paper means the notebook is fountain pen-friendly. You can, of course, use the day entries for appointments, tasks, or any other notes. The planner would probably not be suitable for someone juggling four or five appointments and multiple roles and commitments per day, unless you’re willing to write small. For many, a day-per-page planner could be a better fit. (Would love to see Baron Fig expand to one of these in 2018?)



A nice bonus, though, is a Notes section in the back of the planner:



I’ll be using the first pages of the Notes section for my 2017 goals. I was going to take a picture of my handwritten goals on the page, but I haven’t finished reaching my 2016 goals yet, so that will have to wait. 🙂

The sewn binding is one of several indicators that the folks at Baron Fig create their products with care. The planner lays flat, feels great, and is fun to carry around, so long as you can manage with a smaller planner. Many will welcome its size, which could help simplify things. The 5.4” x 7.7” dimensions are unique among notebooks. The planner has 192 pages in total.

My favorite thing about the planner is the signature dot grid layout of the note pages:



Check out Baron Fig here. You can pre-order the planner now (it ships in November) for $22, postage paid.



Thanks to Baron Fig for sending the planner so I could review it! This did not influence the objectivity of my review.


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