New from Baron Fig: Backpack, Messenger, Tote

Baron Fig continues to expand its product line.

We here at Words on the Goods are big fans of these New York-based makers. (Even if we were to find out they are Yankees fans, we’d still use and support their products.)

We’ve reviewed their pocket notebooks, a wonderfully-sized and softcover limited edition Vanguard notebook, and their nearly flawless 2017 daily planner–which this author (Abram) uses as a day log.

They make pencils (review forthcoming!), pens, leather covers, and now… gear to carry all their stuff in.








Each canvas bag is available in Charcoal or Fig Wine colors. The materials appear to be of high quality.

There’s much more info at the Kickstarter page (link at bottom of this post), but in addition to the images above, here are the specs:


Product Details.png


Baron Fig’s first product, the Confidant, began on Kickstarter, too. More than 4,000 backers helped raise more than $150,000 to get them going.

Now, on launch day (at the time of posting this article) Baron Fig has reached $20,000 of its $50,000 goal to launch the bags. People want these bags.

Find the new products on Kickstarter here.


(All images in this post are via Baron Fig.)


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