Baron Fig’s Mystery Black Box

“What lies within?”

So asks Baron Fig of their new Mystery Limited Edition Vanguard.

You won’t find the answer from the product page, which just gives you an image of the “The Black Box.” Here’s what it looks like on my back deck:






Fully expecting to open it up and find a single notebook, I was pleasantly surprised to see three softcover notebooks:




Each has a theme: Bermuda Triangle, UFOs/Roswell, and Bigfoot. The icons on the covers and backs of the notebooks are very cool. The colors work well, too. Here’s a closer look:




Inside are the same great specs that make Baron Fig notebooks good for writing, even with fountain pens: the paper is a hefty 100 gsm.

Each of the notebooks measures at 5.4″ X 7.7″, which is a great size for a catch-all daily notebook. It won’t fit into most pockets, but easily slides into a purse or satchel. Possible uses: grocery lists, chores, meeting notes, sketches, doodles. 72 pages are in each. I continue to love dot grid, which is what you get here:




These bad boys lay flat nicely and have a stitched binding–a nice touch, especially, for a softcover notebook! My only aesthetic complaint is that the stitching isn’t 100% straight on the binding on a couple of the notebooks, but that doesn’t affect the use at all, and is easy to ignore.

All told, a great effort again from Baron Fig.

So head on over to Baron Fig and check it out! You can order the notebooks for a reasonable $15 here.



Thanks to Baron Fig for sending us the Black Box so we could review it! This did not influence the objectivity of the review.



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