Mystic Cardi Sweater from Royal Robbins

Royal Robbins and his wife Liz climbed up rocks and mountains in the 1960s. After Liz saw their tattered jean shorts in a mountaintop picture, the story goes, the two started a clothing apparel business.


Photo via Royal Robbins


Years later the company Royal Robbins continues to “embrace a refined aesthetic with a sophisticated, nature-inspired palette that is understated, classic and smart. It works on the trail, at the office, on a plane, at dinner.”

Their website is as interesting for nature photography as it is for clothing!

We’ve had a chance to try out—for quite a few months now—the chic Mysic Cardi sweater from Royal Robbins.

I don’t think the product page exaggerates when it says:

If a sweater could win Best in Show, we think our classic cardi would reign supreme. A cozy hood, hand pocket detailing and a button up front will make this your go everywhere, do everything sweater for years to come.

It’s 85% acrylic, 15% wool, and 100% cozy.

The colors are diverse and rich. Here’s a close-up:



The sweater runs big. If you would typically order a medium, you’ll want to consider a small.

Here is the small Oatmeal sweater:



The buttons are nice and big; you can wear the sweater buttoned or not. You can see it’s a long sweater, meant to go well below the waist. The front pockets sit just about right at the waist.

The hood on the back is really big, but lays comfortably across the back.



Probably the only down side to the sweater is that it started pilling after about three months of use.

The sweater is versatile—it works for slightly dressier, business casual settings, as well as staying in on a cold day. It’s soft and warm and comfortable.

At the moment stock is limited, but you can still get the Deep Blue at Royal Robbins here. Some options on Amazon are here.

You can learn more about Royal Robbins here, and check out the other clothing they carry.



Thanks to Royal Robbins for providing the sweater for review purposes, with no expectation as to the nature of our review.




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