Baron Fig’s Apprentice Pocket Notebooks

Baron Fig’s flagship product is their Confidant notebook. But they make a mean pocket-sized notebook, too: the Apprentice.

It’s part of my Everyday Carry. I have one now in my This Is Ground Leatherback Writer, and also use a separate one to track important info at work.


Left Front Pocket
The lined Apprentice


Apprentice at left (shown next to Field Notes)


The 100 gsm paper density (some 67#) is as good as it gets with pocket notebooks. This means you can actually use a fountain pen with the Apprentice–not possible with Field Notes.


Kaweco on Apprentice


The only thing that is lacking with this notebook is that its 3.5″ by 5″ size means it’s a little loose in Field Notes covers. (The latter measuring 3.5″ by 5.5″.) Who knows. Maybe Baron Fig will make their own little covers? They did with the Confidant.

And that 1/2 inch reduction makes it an even better fit by itself in a pocket.

Also: not a staple in sight. These bad boys have sewn bindings.

The 3.5″ by 5″ Apprentice comes in a three-pack. More info on the Apprentice notebook is here; you can order here.



Thanks to Baron Fig for the review sample of the Apprentice notebooks, which giving did not influence my opinions.





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  1. I like how you really pointed out the specifics of what makes a journal function and feel great to use. Noting the paper density was a great observation. I’ll look into these details when considering a journal that I may want to use more inky utensils with, maybe even markers.

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  2. I have not found a better notebook that fits unobtrusively inside a suit coat pocket than this one. One’s confidence in meetings or power lunches improves with this slim notebook at rest in one’s blazer pocket.


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