This Is Ground’s Leatherback Writer 3

On our About page, we promised you:

Writers, audiophiles, tech lovers, and people who actually say EDC out loud will love it here.

Readers, though we have more Field Notes leather cover reviews to follow, it is possible we have already found the height of EDC nerdiness and awesomeness: the Leatherback Writer 3 from This Is Ground.


Front Closed


Back Closed


According to the product page, this is what you can carry in the Leatherback Writer 3:

  • Device (iPhone and similarly sized smart phones)
  • Wallet (cash, credit and business cards)
  • Pen, Pencil or Stylus
  • Notebook (fits Public Supply or similarly sized notepads.)

At the moment my setup features a Field Notes notebook (a day logger, for lack of a better word), a Baron Fig Apprentice, a Pilot Precise V5 RT Retractable Rolling Ball Pen, some Nock DotDash notecards, a couple of business cards, some pieces-of-text-on-business-cards I want to keep before me each day, and the occasional receipt. And it all fits easily in a back jeans pocket or front coat pocket.




Left Front Pocket


At first I didn’t like the snap closure, but now I see what a fitting complement it is to this practical and good-looking piece of gear.

The This Is Ground logo is subtly embossed on the back.


Logo on Back


The stitching is straight and sturdy. It appears to be machine-stitched, which is not expected to last as long as hand-stitched leather products, but I can’t imagine the Leatherback Writer giving out any time soon.

Various color options are available. The one under review here is the warm brown Whiskey color.

This Is Ground is currently sold out of this item, but it is available at and (at the time of this posting, but not for long) discounted at Huckberry. It ships with a nylon bag, which is cool as it goes, but you’ll want the Leatherback Writer going in and out of your pocket on its own.

It’s significantly pricier than other Field Notes covers, but if your EDC is two pocket notebooks, some cash, and a few cards, this is probably the best one-stop case for everything.

If you’re looking to purchase something from This Is Ground, you can click here for a $10 credit toward your order.



Thanks to the good folks at TIG for sending me the Leatherback Writer 3 for the purposes of the review. Their kindness in sending the sample did not keep me from an honest and objective assessment in my review.




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