Field Notes: Sweet Tooth Edition

Search eBay and you’ll find a ton of Field Notes pocket notebooks selling for way more than you would expect. These 3.5″ by 5.5″ idea holders are, it turns out, a hot collector’s item, especially in their rarer editions. (I’ve seen a three-pack selling in the multiple hundreds of dollars.)

I confess I don’t understand the phenomenon, but Field Notes does make a lot of cool editions. Their 30th special installment is the Sweet Tooth Edition, announced yesterday.


Sweet Tooth 1
Image via Field Notes Brand


There are three things that set this edition apart from others.

  1. The colors. “Blu-Raspberry,” “Banana Split,” and “Tangy Orange,” to be exact. And it’s not just the covers–it’s the covers and the pages, all the same bright hues.
  2. Perforated pages! All of ’em.
  3. The paper inside is 70#, which finally will work (probably) for fountain pens. Field Notes’s normal 50# makes for a light notebook, but even ballpoint pens cause show-through. They’re changing to 60# from here on out, but this edition is even denser.

The binding is still staples–not the sewn bindings you’d find on Public – Supply or Baron Fig Apprentice notebooks. Elsewhere on the site Field Notes refers to “a rugged three-staple saddle-stitch process.” Ha! I think that’s just the process used on TPS reports. That said, I haven’t had the staples in any of my Field Notes give way yet.


Sweet Tooth 2
Colors so bright (Image via Field Notes)


The Sweet Tooth notebooks look great. And the folks at Field Notes know how to market! Check out this video, introducing the line.

You can order them and read more about them here.



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