ColsenKeane’s Leather Moleskine Cover

There are many Field Notes–or similarly sized–leather covers. But leather covers for a larger writing notebook seem in shortly supply. For example, the Moleskine Cahier notebook is 5″ x 8.25″. We’re also partial to the excellent 5×8 Northbooks notebook.

The Northbooks dot grid does just fine on its own, of course. But if you want to wrap it in a leather case, ColsenKeane has you (wait for it) covered.

And do they ever understand presentation! Look at how it arrives:


1_In Package
Packaged with care


2_In Wrapper
One more wrapper to unwrap


You’re looking at their Medium Moleskine Cover in Natural Tan (No. 510). It’s about 5.5″ x 8.75″, and has room for two notebooks, one on each side.

That smooth cover already has a nice, character-producing marking on the front. You can see how the cover is secured with the elastic closure band. Also, optional monogramming? Yes, please. (And thank you.)


3_Front Cover Closed


The inside is rough, though I suspect that will soften with time. I’m already used to it. What looks like a leather measurement number has not proven the distraction I thought it might be–rather, it adds flavor.


4_Back Cover Elastic


Those white bands are place markers, one for each notebook. This is an instance of ColsenKeane going above and beyond, as one might simply be content with a way to fasten the notebook inside the leather cover. You get a bookmark, too.

Here’s what it looks like with a notebook in:


5_Open with Markers


Sliding a notebook into place is easy. You could fill this cover with either one or two, depending on how much you think you have to say!


6 Open at Middle


The elastic has held up well so far (an initial concern). The notebooks fit securely. And the leather is already softening, even after just a few weeks of use. Natural Tan is unique, too, among leathers at ColsenKeane:

Natural tan takes someone who has a vision to watch their leather piece literally change every day.  Because this leather has almost no protective coating, it absorbs every bit of its surrounding (rain drops, the oils in your hands, the spilled tea, etc.) The light and sun will literally “sunburn” the hide to a beautiful copper patina.

(From ColsenKeane’s “Our Leather” page)

More info about the leather cover is here.



Many thanks to the fine folks at Colsen Keane for the notebook cover for review! Learn more about the company here.




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