EDC Review: Inkleaf’s (Tiny!) Doublecross Wallet

Small is good when it comes to your EDC items. Inkleaf Leather’s Doublecross Wallet is about as tiny as it gets, while still being able to carry your essential cards and cash.

Here it is, next to a Pilot Precise pen for comparison:




It gets its Doublecross name from the smart design:


2_Front Empty


The product page says it “holds 6 cards comfortably (more when stretched).” I can confirm this count. At present I’ve got two debit cards, an insurance card, my driver’s license, and some cash in the Doublecross. Well, I had cash at the time I took the photographs, but it has since disappeared. The wallet holds what I need most days. Gift cards and the kids’ insurance cards are another matter–those have to go into another, larger holding area.

Even with five cards the fit was tight at first. Getting the cards in was easier than taking them out. However, even after just a couple days of use, the leather is loosening (as expected), and removing cards from it is becoming much easier. If you get this wallet, just realize you need a little while to break it in–as with all good leather.

Here’s a look inside:


3_Look Inside


The Doublecross is barely wider than an iPhone SE with case, and shorter. It’s no problem for this little guy to reside in a pocket along with a phone or your lip balm. It’s even lighter than a phone. The dimensions are 3 7/8” by 2 5/8” (97mm by 67mm).


4_In Palm


The leather is precisely cut and smooth around the edges. The Doublecross wallet comes from one piece of full grain Horween leather–the best kind, as I understand it. Steff and Jazeps Tenis, makers at Inkleaf, cut and shape and hand-stitch the leather to produce the wallet. This means it will last longer than machine-stitched products. As with their Field Notes cover, the leather is an ideal combination of soft/flexible and tough/durable.

Here are a couple close-ups of the stitching.


5_Stitching Up-close 2


6_Stitching Up-close


The branding on the back is subtle. The wordless logo is just slightly left of center, but outside of saying so in this review, I can’t imagine that really bothering me on a day to day basis.


7_Back View


It keeps your essentials secure, and looks great, too.


8_View from the Top.jpeg


Inkleaf is even kind enough to include a slip cover, in which the wallet ships.


9_With Slip Cover


Even after a few days of use, the leather is wearing well–it’s already getting character.

And you should check out the makers’ story. It’s moving and inspiring.

In addition, they’ve got a worry-free guarantee:

We will fix or replace any items which have a flaw in craftsmanship or materials.

Check out Inkleaf Leather here, and their wallets here.



Many thanks to the fine folks at Inkleaf for sending Words on the Goods the wallet for review!




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