Leather Key Fob from Buffalo Leather Goods

This blog could probably also be called Words on Leather Goods, as that is much of what we review around here. The downside to high-quality leather goods is they’re not cheap. (Well… not to mention animal ethics—topic for another time!) But leather key fobs are quite affordable. Here’s a sweet $20 one from Buffalo Leather Goods:








The fob is made from full-grain leather. The snap and clasp are both solid brass (nickel-plated also available). I took advantage of the leather band right away by using it as an easy means to hang up my keys on a hook inside our entryway. The snap also allows you to hook your keys to your belt loops, if you want.

The maker’s mark is subtle and classy.

The edges, though burnished, were a little rough at first, but that’s worn off with use. The leather band makes it easy to grab my keys out of a coat pocket or backpack.

Here’s the clasp, up close:







Great packaging, too!




See the product page for more details on the materials (made in the U.S.) and available options. Highly recommended!



Many thanks to the fine folks at Buffalo Leather Goods for sending Words on the Goods the key fob for review!




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