Baron Fig’s 2018 Planner

Yes, you read the title of this post correctly. 2018 is nigh.

To help us prepare, Baron Fig has released their 2018 planner. I was a big fan of the 2017 planner when it came out and reviewed it here. Turns out I’ve used it most days as a day log at the end of the day. Each day gives me just the right amount of space to pause, reflect, and write. (You can, of course, use the planner as… a planner.)

Once again the planner is a special edition Confidant, Baron Fig’s first and flagship product. (Was that really once their only notebook? Hard to believe now—they release something new at least every month.)

Here’s what it looks like (sweet Kaweco fountain pen not included):



Open the box and you see the year calendar insert and the smart-looking charcoal cover.





Once inside, you’ll see nice little design touches like this:




At the heart of the calendar are three things:

  1. A two-page spread for each month
  2. A two-page spread for each week (Monday-Wednesday on the left, Thursday-Sunday on the right)
  3. Additional notes pages in the back

And ah, yes, the binding is sewn:



Here’s what part of the weekly spread looks like:



The notes section sport the dot grid design—my favorite.




And it’s great that the notes pages are perforated. You can write on them and take them out if you want (a smooth tear), but they’re otherwise secure.

In 2017 I started using the Notes pages as an analogue Running Log, above and beyond my regular daily notes. I plan to do that again in 2018.

The notebook lays excellently flat. It smells good, too! (I know; I’m strange… but you smells books, too, don’t you?)

The 5.4” x 7.7” size is perfect—easy to toss into a satchel or purse alongside other books and belongings. The paper is 100 gsm, which means (again) fountain pen-friendly.

Conscious that “day log” is not necessarily the intended use of this planner, last year I wrote:

You can, of course, use the day entries for appointments, tasks, or any other notes. The planner would probably not be suitable for someone juggling four or five appointments and multiple roles and commitments per day, unless you’re willing to write small. For many, a day-per-page planner could be a better fit. (Would love to see Baron Fig expand to one of these in 2018?)

Baron Fig hasn’t produced a day-per-page planner (do I hear 2019?), but the size and layout and feel of the 2018 planner is as good as it was in 2017. For my purposes, it’s just about perfect.

Check out Baron Fig here. You can order the planner now for $22.




Thanks to Baron Fig for sending the planner so I could review it! This did not influence the objectivity of my review.






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  1. Nice! I just wish I could be organized enough to use a planner, but I have a calendar on my fridge that I put my appointments on, so there’s really no need. Love that Kaweco — I have two and may have to add this to my small but much loved collection.

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