Baron Fig’s Odd but Cool Askew Notebook

It wasn’t until I saw my nine-year old creatively using Baron Fig’s Askew Confidant notebook that I was convinced of its utility.

The cover of this limited edition Confidant is unassuming enough:

But as the name indicates, the ruled pages look like this…

…and this…

…and this:

But he’s made it his own. I couldn’t see myself journaling in it without being frustrated by its unpredictability, but he’s taken full advantage of it, as a budding creative:

The lines, it turns out, also do work just fine for journalling. I’d taken a nice shot of one of his entries, but he expressly requested it not be shared, so I’ll keep that photo to myself.

The notebook is, of course, produced in batches, however large. But the pages themselves look like they’ve really been hand drawn with pen. And check out the inside of the back cover:

The limited edition Askew won’t be for everybody. But if you want to think outside the box (or write and draw outside the lines), this notebook is yet another creative and thoughtful new product from NYC’s Baron Fig, this one made with designer Debbie Millman.

As with every other Confidant, the paper is fountain-pen-friendly, the book opens flat, and there is a handful of perforated pages at the back.

Read more about the Askew here, where you can also find plenty more pictures and ordering information.



Thanks to Baron Fig for sending us the Askew so we could review it! This did not influence the objectivity of the review.




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