New from Hess Toy Truck: 2017 Mini Collection


At 10:00 a.m. EST on Thursday, June 1, Hess Toy Truck will open orders for the 2017 Mini Collection: one box, three mini-trucks.

From the press release:

The Mini Collection includes three Miniature Hess Toy Trucks sold in a single display package. Each vehicle included in the set will be a fully detailed, small-scale version of one of the popular holiday Hess Toy Trucks, equipped with working lights and a detachable display base – just like the previous miniature toys.  Hess is keeping secret which three toys these mini trucks are replicating until they go on sale June 1 exclusively at for $26.99 with free shipping and batteries included.

I have no inside information as to what the models are, but you can visit my previous Hess Toy Truck reviews here and here. They’re a big hit with the kids! Check out for more details.





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