GEAR REVIEW: KAVAJ Dallas Case for iPhone SE

Brian and I are both fans of iPhone cases KAVAJ makes. His review and inevitably-soon-to-be-award-winning photography of the iPhone 6 wallet are here.

I’ve been testing and using the KAVAJ Dallas case for iPhone SE, which is about as classy a cover as you can put your iPhone in. (It helps that the brown is called “cognac.”) It also works for the iPhone 5s.

It comes wrapped nicely:



One plus is it’s got both a casing for the phone itself (fit is mostly snug, but still easy to get in and out) and a screen cover.



If you drop it, that cover will greatly decrease the chance of your screen cracking.

There’s a pocket, too, for a couple of credit cards or business cards.



The cut-outs for volume buttons and camera are just right.



As Brian pointed out in his review, the iPhone does not have the same functionality as iPad, where closing a cover or opening it will put to sleep or wake the screen. I wish the iPhone had this, but it’s not the fault of the Dallas case. I have noticed, however, that the SE with iOS 10 lights the screen up when you pick up the phone, so simply opening the cover of the KAVAJ case will, in essence, wake up your phone.

One design flaw–this may be inevitable with a screen cover–is that if you’re driving and simply want to pick up your phone to turn the volume up or down on the side, you have to actually open the cover to do so. I wish the cover had an easy-access opening for the volume buttons as it does for the wake/sleep switch at the top and the headphone jack and lightning cable at bottom.

The case is quite light and adds zero bulk and a lot of class to your phone. If you roll with just a little cash and a card or two, this is your all-in-one carrying solution. Both the stitching and leather have held up well so far.

It’s a matter of preference to have an iPhone with a case that covers just the back (so the screen is easily accessible) or one that covers back and front. If it’s the latter you’re after, the KAVAJ Dallas is a winning option.

You can find it here at Amazon.



Thanks to KAVAJ for the review sample, sent for the purposes of this write-up, but with no expectation as to my evaluation of the product.




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