Review: KAVAJ Dallas iPhone 6 Wallet

Today’s post comes from Words on the Goods’s newest co-author, Brian Davidson. For all images in this post, click or tap to enlarge.




The KAVAJ Dallas turned out to be exactly what I was looking for in an iPhone 6 wallet case. The leather is beautiful and soft to the touch, and even after a few months of taking the phone in and out of my pocket, the case shows hardly any signs of physical wear. It is so slim that it adds even less bulk to my pocket than my previous, regular (non-wallet) case.




The back pocket holds two cards snugly. You could force an additional card into each slot, but two is plenty for me — a driver’s license and a debit card and I’m good-to-go. The case hugs the cards very tightly at first. I expected the tight fit to result in the pockets slightly tearing away from the rest of the case. This didn’t happen. The leather relaxed after a couple weeks, but the cards are still held securely, and this portion of the case looks as good as it did on day one.




Every wallet case I had seen before this one placed the card slots on the inside, facing the screen of the phone. At first I was skeptical. You might think, as I did, that this design would place your ID and debit card on public display. In reality, however, the back of the case is only visible when you are taking a picture. If you are texting, using an app, or talking on the phone, the case cover folds back and covers the cards. This leaves the soft inside cover free to protect your phone’s screen when closed.




The case has cutouts along the left, right, and bottom of the phone, and a magnetic closure that holds the cover on with just the right force — it’s easy to flip off but genuinely holds closed. I expected the magnetic closure to activate an automatic wake and sleep functions like what we see on iPads, but iPhones do not currently support this feature. My only disappointment with this case, therefore, has nothing to do with the case design or manufacturing; it’s Apple’s issue.




The picture above shows the only physical defect on the phone after everyday use for three months. I carry the phone in my pocket so any number of things could have caused the edge of the cover to tear away a bit. Perhaps it was my wedding ring.




I recommend the KAVAJ Dallas without reservation. It’s a quality product that exceeded my expectations. The product page directs interested buyers to Amazon (see also direct link here), where the case currently sells for just over $30.



KAVAJ provided the case for the review, without expectation as to the review’s content.

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