Popov Leather Field Notes Covers: Now with Pen Loop Closures

Image via Popov Leather


Popov Leather has just announced the addition of pen loops to its leather Field Notes covers.

When I reviewed the pre-pen loop edition, I called the Driftwood cover “near perfect,” with only one small suggestion for improvement:

The only lack I could perceive in this top-notch piece of EDC gear is a place to easily keep a pen. (And maybe, too, a way to keep the notebook shut, but it stays flat and closed on its own just fine.)

Now there is a pen loop option that not only holds your pen, but also is configured to be a closure for your notebook cover. Brilliant!

It’s available currently at the Popov Leather site in these four colors (each hyperlinked for your convenience): Black / Cherry / Driftwood / Tan. In each case you can choose one of two pen loop sizes.

Even without a pen loop and closure system this is probably my favorite leather Field Notes cover on the market. The addition of the loops may just move the cover from “near perfect” to “perfect.”




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