Doo App

Doo is a new, minimalist task tracking app for Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

It promises to help you “transform your to-dos into a delightful stack of cards that keeps you on task and in the moment.”

You begin by creating a reminder:


Create Reminder in Doo


Then you’ve got yourself a nice-looking card, with an image that auto-populates:


Doo Reminder with Image


The image population quite often matched my task:


Doo Reminder: Write


Doo Reminder: Clean kitchen


Doo Reminder: Clean dining room


Doo Reminder: Go for a walk


But not always:


Doo Reminder: Push-ups


Once you’ve got your tasks entered, the nice thing about Doo is it only shows you one card at a time. You can pull up the card at first (and again as needed) to keep focused on what task you’re working on in the moment. Then when you’re done, a swipe up completes the task and a swipe down snoozes it. You can also flip between the cards to show a different top task.


Swipe up to complete


I haven’t found myself using the app much for its project and list capabilities, but those are there, too.

You can add a timed reminder or even make a task repeating, too.

If you need to see multiple tasks at once, you can easily see all your Upcoming and Completed cards in Schedule View:


Doo cards in Schedule View


You can even complete them from here:


Doo complete from list view


Or re-order them:


Doo Reorder from Schedule View


There is unfortunately no Split View or Slide Over on iPad, something I’d hope for in any task management app. Maybe future updates will add this?

There is a nice Today widget that lets you see your top three reminders:


Today widget


Here’s how it looks in landscape on iPad:


Landscape iPad


And–boo yah! Share sheet, so you can add a task from the Web:


Share Sheet 1


Share Sheet 2


The Mac app is lovely, too, and syncs to iOS via iCloud:



All done view Mac

You can access your Doo tasks from the menu bar, which is cool.

Doo is $2.99 for iOS (which gets you the app on iPhone and iPad) and $2.99 in the Mac App Store. Find it here (iOS) and here (OS X). Doo also has a killer Website, found here.



*Thanks to the awesome folk at Doo for the promo license for review, offered with no expectation as to this review’s content.*


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