The New Venture Backpack from This Is Ground

This Is Ground (TIG) has just created a new leather backpack: Venture. We’re fond of TIG and have reviewed their Leatherback Writer 3 and Riff leather notebook covers in detail.

Here’s how TIG introduces the backpack:

We’re excited to present to you Venture, a backpack with built-in tracking capabilities, optional Wi-Fi and 3 sections perfectly designed to quickly access your creative & tech essentials, all made with our high quality signature veg-tanned leather from Tuscany.

We’ve searched high and low but don’t know whether TIG uses full grain leather (the best kind, especially for a backpack with a price point of $750, or $925 with built-in WiFi). The product page offers this:

The backpack is made with our signature vegetable tanned leather from the Tuscany region in Italy. The leather’s character comes to life with time during the wash & dry phase, it is then pressed for smoothness, dyed with vegetable tannins to achieve our signature colors, enriched with cow fat for anti-scratching and specifically spray finished to give a soft hand and long life-span. The leather will personalize with age and patina based on your usage.

The leather on the Riff and Leatherback Writer 3 is aging nicely so far, but may not be full grain. We’ll post an update if we’re wrong.

Otherwise, this bad boy is a beauty (images via TIG):



Check out all the storage nooks and crannies:



It’s available in five different colors.




The Venture microsite is here. Find the product page here.


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