Word. Notebooks: Indigo Stars (3Pk)

We promised you write-ups of apps and electronic gear, but pocket notebooks and their leather covers are just too darned cool to not keep covering. The analogue kick continues with a review of the Indigo Stars edition of Word. Notebooks.

The design features a slightly hypnotic, rich blue. The cover is classy:


1 Notebook Front


Yes, these fellas are easy on the eyes.

Some specs:

  • Dimensions are 3.5″ x 5.5″, same as Field Notes, and so usable for any pocket notebook leather cover (such as this beauty)
  • 48 pages
  • 60# paper (yes!)

Inside is Word.’s bullet point system for note-taking. It’s really simple, something you can learn in about two minutes. Each line has at left two concentric circles:


2 Inside Page


The inside front cover offers a “use guide,” with how Word. envisions the system working, though any user could adapt as needed.


3 Use Guide


It’s easy enough, for example, to add an asterisk to the left of the circles for a really, really important task.

As with Field Notes notebooks, Word. gives you stapled bindings: two, not three.


4 Staples


The notebooks come in a pack of three. I found that from notebook to notebook there was a slight variation in the construction. In the image above, you can see the staples are ever-so-slightly to the right of center. This was not true of all three notebooks, but it does make for a last few pages that won’t lay entirely flat:


5 Not Quite Flat


For a piece of everyday gear that is used for note-taking and that will be shoved in and out of back pockets, this is not a huge deal, but if you’re a perfectionist about your notebooks, be advised.

The paper is great. Writing in these notebooks is smooth. The paper is excellent for a fountain pen, and there is very little show-through and no bleed-through. This is not a given in a pocket notebook, but greatly appreciated.

Word. makes their notebooks right here in the U.S.A., New Jersey to be exact.


6 Made in the USA


Bonus: the three-pack of Indigo Stars ($9.99) came with a sticker. I like the logo so much I made it the sole sticker on my little car:


Word Car Sticker


Check out the Indigo Stars notebooks here. There are many more editions available here, including the just-announced Terrain series, which we’ll be reviewing soon, too.



Thanks to the friendly folks at Word. Notebooks for the review samples, given with no expectation as to the content of the review.




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