Short Review of Brooks LSD Jacket

Image via Brooks

I just posted this short review to Brooks’s site, and thought I’d share here, too.

Disclaimer: LSD in the context of running is long, slow distance, not something else. (Running is perfectly sufficient if you’re looking to alter your brain chemicals, in a good way!)

This is a great, but not perfect, lightweight rain jacket and windbreaker.

I love that you can bunch it up and put it into its own pocket (the jacket becomes the pocket) and strap it to your arm. Brilliant feature. It’s good at breaking wind and keeping your shirt underneath dry on rainy runs. It looks great, too. (I have the color pictured above.)

Even a single zip pocket would have been a good addition. Also, Brooks sizing is pretty small, so consider ordering up a size.

All in all, very comfortable and gets the job done well. Probably overpriced, at $85, though I’ve seen it go on sale.

Find it here through Brooks and here (affiliate link) on Amazon.






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