Baron Fig’s New Portals Notebooks

Whoosh. Splonk! KABOOM!

Each of those words adorns a cover in Baron Fig’s new set of three limited edition notebooks, Portals.

They’re colorful, creative, and fun.


Image via Baron Fig

We could tell you that the notebooks are 5.4″ X 7.7”, an excellent combination of portability and plentiful space for writing. We could share with only quiet gnashing of teeth that the inside pages are blank (we are more partial to dot grid, but to everything a season!). We could praise the paper quality, which is great, as is any piece of paper we’ve ever used from Baron Fig. We could note that there are 72 pages (36 sheets) in each of the three notebooks.

And we could tell you to find more product details and purchase information here.

But what I want to especially highlight is the joy and hours (yes, hours) of absorbed writing and drawing these notebooks facilitated for my kids. This is no small feat, as it is a school vacation week, and day one was, shall we say, not off to an amazing start.

I wouldn’t choose the top of the stairs for notebook filling, personally, but one of my kids did:



And here is her customized cover:



Here are some pages (shared with permission):



I may need to help you decipher.

The page at left says at the top, “The sun is hot!” It’s faint, but that is actually not an exclamation point at the end. It is a heartsclamation point, where a heart replaces the dot underneath the line.

Then the girl at the bottom is reaching up to touch the sun, and is saying, “I am dieing.” Yes, it’s spelled dying, but wouldn’t you misspell if YOU were dying?

The page at the right has pictures of pieces of pizza, with text that says pizzas are falling. And there’s another girl, this one saying, “Stop touching the sun, dummy.”

So there you have it. I really can’t offer any better testimonial to these notebooks than that.



Thanks to Baron Fig for sending the Portal notebooks so we could review them! This did not influence the objectivity of this review.


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