Brooks Distance Running Shirt

The Distance Running Shirt from Brooks is so great, I’ve got the same style in multiple colors!

I was pumped to get the red one for Christmas. I use both the short sleeve and long sleeve distance shirts, sometimes layered on top of each other in the cold months.

I have had varied success on the “odor-resistant” side of things. (Yes, these shirts really do claim to resist odor.) The one I’ve used the most and had the longest is most odor-resistant, funnily enough. A newer (grey) one was a tiny bit stinky no matter how much I washed it, probably after a month. So I guess ”your mileage may vary,” as they say. (Get it? Mileage? Running?)

The shirts are great at wicking away sweat and moisture. They run a tiny bit small—I’m usually a L t-shirt, and the XL is comfortable for me here.

All in all, this is my favorite running shirt. It does great on long runs, especially—as pictured.



So far the red one is awesome, too, and the long sleeve ones are stylish enough that you can wear them in a non-running setting. They’re also lightweight enough to be used well as layers.

You can find both short and long sleeve shirts (for men and women) here.



Brooks did not provide me with review samples. I’m posting just to share the news of what I think is an excellent running shirt.



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