2016 Hess Toy Truck and Dragster

2016 Hess Toy Truck and Dragster


Because my children do not (at the time of writing) read this blog, they do not yet know that I’ll be sharing my 2016 Hess Toy Truck and Dragster with them this Christmas season.  Our 2015 Hess Fire Truck and Ladder Rescue is still going strong. All the pieces are in tact, we haven’t had to replace the batteries, and everything is working just as it did when it came out of the box.

So I’ve got high hopes for the 2016 edition. Like its predecessor, you get two vehicles for the price of one. ($31.99 + tax gets you the truck and dragster, with batteries, shipped.)

Hess has been making a toy truck since 1964. Now, more than 50 years later, the current model looks like this:




It’s got all the lights and sounds my kids love about the previous model. Take a gander:




Here are the specs from Hess:

The Truck is a mighty motorsport flatbed designed to transport the dragster to any racing event. Styled with a solid green lower body and green-accented white upper body, it is loaded with chrome detailing including a front grill, sunshield, side panels, and exhaust pipes. The cab houses 4 top-mounted buttons that activate 3 realistic sounds (ignition, horn, and an exciting race launch countdown) and the headlights, tail and running lights. A hidden ramp with slide-activated hydraulic sound ensures this duo can quickly get to the next dragstrip.

The oversized Dragster is the largest accompanying race car in the fleet’s history. Its innovative pull-back motor and tilt-activated weight transfer design allows the speedster to launch in either a flat or wheelie position. The racer features super bright LED headlights, a stylish spoiler, and chrome detailed hood-mounted air intake, side exhaust pipes and rear parachute box.

It comes packaged with care–an unexpected but nice touch.








Here are some more shots of the truck and dragster, both of which look great.








The price went up a dollar since last year’s model. $31.99 is not cheap for a toy, but consider that each of these vehicles works great as a stand-alone. The construction is of high quality, and past experience with Hess trucks suggest this toy will be around for a long time.

Parents, be advised: this truck is loud. It’s not the persistently annoying Christmas caroling monkey we just gave away at a Yankee Swap, by any means, but maybe keep it in a room that is not adjacent to where you sleep!

If you want just the lights and not the sound, a switch under the truck gives you lights on or lights in flasher mode.

The trim pieces look and feel like cheap plastic, but they’re secure and are not going to break off.

The dragster performs well–just drag it back (ideally on a hard surface), tilt it onto its wheels, and off it goes. Both the dragster and the truck are sturdy enough that if they run into anything (a wall, a fridge), they’ll be totally fine.

All in all, a great toy, and well worth the value, even if the price is high.

You find out more and purchase the truck here. You can find the Hess Toy Truck on social media here: Facebook/Twitter/Instagram.



Many thanks to the fine folks doing PR for Hess who set me up with the free product sample for review, with no expectations as the the review’s content.





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