New Radiohead, Four Listens In

Moon Shaped Pool


We promised you music at Words on the Goods. Today it begins.

Four full listens in, we can confidently say that the new Radiohead, Moon Shaped Pool, is far better than their last LP, 2011’s King of Limbs.

Listening to it the first time through was reminiscent of my first listen through Kid A, which was special: some college friends and I had gone to a record store at midnight to pick it up and bring it back to someone’s house and listen all the way through together.

Here’s the track list:

01. Burn The Witch
02. Daydreaming
03. Decks Dark
04. Desert Island Disk
05. Ful Stop
06. Glass Eyes
07. Identikit
08. The Numbers
09. Present Tense
10. Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor Rich Man Poor Man Beggar Man Thief
11. True Love Waits

True Love Waits goes back some 20 years. I think it’s one of Radiohead’s best songs ever, but it’s never really gotten a proper studio recording. It’s the song in its barest existence–just Thom and piano. It’s arresting in its beauty.

And I can’t get Daydreaming out of my head, easily a Top 10 Radiohead song.

I’m still working through the rest. But I’m a fan so far, and likely to be a big fan of the album after about five more listens.

You can get the album here (Amazon) or here (iTunes), both of which are affiliate links and help support the work of this blog. Or you can visit the band’s own page here.


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